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Trip to Bureh Beach

Trip to Bureh Beach

The purpose of the trip was to debunk the myths of demons inhabiting the beach and prevent people with epilepsy from participating in social activities in the beach area. At the same time increasing recognition of epilepsy within the local communities as this will in turn increase access to clinical treatment as opposed to the harmful traditional practices.

Fifty children (50) young people and beach community members took part in this year’s pleasurable trip to Bureh beach to celebrate World purple day on March 26th.

However, a lot was achieved as children with epilepsy were bold to raise questions and discuss issues of epilepsy and were less stigmatized among the local community they met.

The community members present promised to raise epilepsy issues within their membership having accepted persons with epilepsy as equals in the society. This interest demonstrated by participants show an increase in knowledge that epilepsy is treatable by antiepileptic medication.

This year’s celebration was amusing and climaxed with music all over the beach area, dancing, indoor games and reception as the aim of the trip was to entertain and inform about epilepsy issues.