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Epilepsy in SierraLeone

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The Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone is a local Nongovernment Organization (NGO) that was established on the 3rd of December 1999 by persons with epilepsy, families and sierra Leonean with passion for people with epilepsy. EASL is registered with the Sierra Leone’s ministry of social welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs in the year 2000, with the Sierra Leone Union on Disabilities Issues (SLUDI) on the 27th of february2001 and with the international Bureau for epilepsy (IBE) on the 31st of August 2005. The overall goal of EASL is to: Ensure epilepsy is seen as a medical condition requiring treatment. To carry out awareness raising campaigns, workshops and seminars in order to provide accurate information about the disorder. To ensure the availability of antiepileptic medication and Coordinate outreach activities by providing social support and advocacy for those affected by epilepsy....

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LOVE Institute

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Many people living with epilepsy in Sierra Leone have been excluded from school or college and thus, even when their epilepsy is being controlled by medication, find it difficult to get work. Unemployment, coupled with the medical costs associated with having a chronic disease such as epilepsy, place a great financial burden on patients and their families. It is against this background that the Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone established a vocational skills training centre called the Lords Opportunity for Victory over Epilepsy (LOVE) Institute as part of its rehabilitation action and livelihood enhancement for people living with epilepsy in Sierra Leone. The Centre is located at Rokupa in Wellington, Freetown and caters for 50 trainees who are acquiring basic vocational skills in tailoring, weaving and tie dyeing. EASL aims to extend the programme to include crop production and...

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Traditional Beliefs

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In Sierra Leone, the causes of epilepsy are misunderstood to be demonic, witchcraft or atonement for sins committed by one’s forefathers; it is further believed that people are possessed by supernatural forces which rendered them unable to control their bodily functions and that the condition is transferable through bodily contact of sputum that comes out of a person’s mouth during seizures. Over half of the Sierra Leonean population have the belief that Epilepsy is due to witchcraft or demons or both and two-third have tried traditional healing while a quarter seek faith healing. The condition is called by different names in Sierra Leone depending on the tribal origin. The Creoles call it ‘fix’, Temne call it ‘katuk’, Mende call it ‘Kpogboni’. Because the perception of witchcraft and demons as a cause of Epilepsy is common among Sierra Leoneans, the...

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